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Conformation Prospect ~ At the time of placement, your pup is examined by my vet and myself as being a worthy breeding animal and a sound representative of the breed. It means simply that he may carry the traits desired to later develop into a show prospect. These pups are sold on co-ownership to ensure it is not being bought for breeding purposes only. It is understood that this is no guarantee; it is your gamble based on your experience (and mine) that the puppy is going to mature into a show prospect and later a winning show dog.

Show Prospect ~A show prospect pointed (AKC, UKC, IABCA) are placed for considerably more than conformation prospects and may be sold on open registration.

Performance Prospect ~ This puppy may be any of these prospects but also shows a strong drive in an additional venue such as obedience, agility, herding, flyball, etc.

Companion ~ This puppy may have a show disqualifying fault such as being too tall or too short or we may just feel that a family home is better suited for him.  However, he or she will still make a wonderful addition to any family!

We realize that adding a dog or puppy to your family is a huge commitment that takes ample research before making a final decision. We are confident that our socialization and training makes for a very well adjusted new family member!

It takes a lot of time, training and patience to turn any dog into a winning show dog. I cannot guarantee you have the ability to turn even the best puppy into a show dog.  I guarantee that your dog has no physical disqualifying faults but I do NOT guarantee as to if your puppy will mature to your personal liking or your personal interpretation of the standard or performance.

Babies have arrived! Born May 26, 2011
Three girls and three boys
The proud parents are
These puppies are available as pets only and are not for breeding.

Our puppies leave for their new homes with a puppy pack that includes a packet of their food, chewies, soft toy, treats and lots of good bye hugs. I can email lots of training links, too.

Please feel free to ask questions, as we welcome them.

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8 weeks
Show Potential Male Puppy
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