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428 Rocky Road
Bonneau, SC

For over 30 years the Martin family has been owned and run by wonderfully happy and beautiful shelties.  We all share 4 acres in delightful Berkeley County, South Carolina.  Both fur and human kids enjoy every inch of the 4 acres!!!  The furkids are quite generous to the human kids (Michelle and grandchildren Kelsey, Jaxson, Hayden, and Mary Caroline) by allowing them to participate in their indoor and outdoor activities.  You know, games like "here's the ball, now let's see if you can throw it" and "ha ha, what's the matter  don't you have go go gadget  arms to catch me with?"  and "You SAID cookie!"

A wonderful friend, Suzi Beacham of Shalamar Shelties has very generously entrusted us with caring for and training an amazingly beautiful, Shalamar's Save the Last Dance, "Mr. Wiggles." He is a "Brodi" grandson. Kelsey is also a co-owner of Mr. Wiggles and very seriously dubbed him Mr. Wiggles not long after his arrival. Kelsey and Wiggles took Reserve Winners Dog both days their first weekend out.

Celestial  Coastal Cru'Sun "Coupe" (BISS CH. Jade Mist Coastal Cruiser x Celestial Southern Sunrise) is a moderate 14 inches. Kelsey and Coupe were a winning team in Junior Handling. Coupe sustained a hip injury and is now living with his wonderful new family in his retirement  home. Coupe  is enjoying  his forever inside home with lots of petting, hugs, kisses, treats and brushing. .

Many thanks to Tammy Alden and Polly Brolin of Coastal for sharing their beautiful color-headed white baby with us in 2005. "Sky" (BISS CH. Jade Mist Coastal Cowboy x Trevanne's Shakira) quickly stole a huge piece of our hearts. Sky has grown up to be a beautiful young lady at 15 1/4 inches. She is dearly loved by everyone who meets her. Sky has a fantastic personality and is a friend to all.

We will meet you again at Rainbow Bridge

Grand Dame of the gang , Ashes crossed rainbow bridge at 15 years old in 2004.  Michelle and Ashes were best friends since Michelle was a year old. And Ashes was destined to forever be Ashes since Michelle's favorite phrase (at a year old) was "ashes, ashes we all fall down."
Trihaven Sunny Sensation (Sunny) was a beautiful bi-factored sable, Deep Purple Greatgrandaughter.  She WAS the boss and kept everyone in line! We are sadly missing our dear Sunny (August 2006). She was Kelsey constant companion when they were young. In her final years she became Marty's best friend.

Wistwin Celestial Sunrise (Koree).  Koree had a wonderful first year .  She went reserve winners at her first show, when she was 6 months old. And she took first in her specials class, while almost naked at 12 months!  Koree's sire CH. Wistwin Andante "Andy" (owned by Dianne Hawes of  Wistwin). My beautiful Koree crossed rainbow bridge way too soon and she is terribly missed and  will never  be forgotten. 

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